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We got the following update from AEDA:

Subject: Re: [ #1057819] Policy Delete -

Dear Registrar,

Kindly note that the registration of domain name “” is incompliant with the aeDA Policies as follows:

Section 8 of .ae Domain Name Policy states that “it is the Registrant’s responsibility to ensure that it has the right to use the Domain Name and that the registration or use of the Domain Name does not violate any third party intellectual property rights or other rights, does not defame any person and does not contravene any applicable laws”
Section 10 of the aeDA's .ae Domain Name Policy states that for registration of domain names under the .ae ccTLD ,the Applicant must meet the requirements as stated in the .ae Registrant Warranties Policy.
Section 4 of the .ae Registrant Warranties Policy states that “the Registrant shall, and shall be taken to have made, the following Warranties, when applying to Register or Renew the Registration of a Domain Name Including: 4.1 …. all information provided to Register or Renew the Registration of the Domain Name (including all supporting documents, if any) are true, complete and correct, and are not misleading in any way, and the Application is made in good faith, or…. 4.3. to the Registrant’s information, knowledge and belief, the Registration or the use, direct or indirect, of the Domain Name does not and will not infringe upon or otherwise violate the legal rights of any third party;
Section 4.3 of the .aeDA’s .ae Reserved Names Policy States that “the .aeDA reserves the right to cancel any Domain Name which is in breach of any of this or any other .aeDA Policy.”
Section 5 of the .ae Reserved Names Policy allows the .aeDA to revoke a Domain Name License for any Domain Name which, in the opinion of the .aeDA is,… 5.2 likely to deceive the public, or…. 5.6 correspond to trademarks or service marks of a third party (unless permission has been obtained in advance from the third party);
Section 8 of the .ae Domain Name Renewal, Expiry and Deletion Policy describes the procedures for deleting a Domain name where the Registrant has breached any .aeDA policy.

For the above reasons, the aeDA has Policy-deleted the domain name. Therefore kindly inform the registrant about the above issue. The registrant may provide any supporting documents for this registration within 14 calendar days after which the aeDA may undelete the Domain Name.


UAE Domain Administration